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CEO Corner: Building Global Communities

Please click here to view highlights from this year’s #INW19 ‘Connect 5’ Trip

BNI® builds communities around the globe, and International Networking Week® allows us to celebrate that with a global emphasis on the power of networking. In support of #INW19, I have begun a weeklong “Connect 5″ trip across the world.

During this trip, I am traveling to 5 global business hubs, while attending numerous chapters along the way. Inspired by BNI’s mission of Changing the Way the World Does Business®, I’m visiting the following cities: New York City, Guangzhou, Bangalore, Dubai, and London.

In addition, this
trip and #INW19 will serve as an introduction to BNI’s new Worldwide Referrals
Feature, enabling Members to officially pass business across international
borders. With 15.2 Billion dollars worth of business and 11.2 Million
referrals passed over the past 12 months, this feature will revolutionize
networking for BNI Members.

Part of
my goal is to help YOU, the Member, get more referrals and build your
business across the globe. Along the way, I will be highlighting specific referral requests
submitted by Members since the announcement of my journey.

For over 34 years, you have transformed a
revolutionary concept into an international community of business leaders. Our
recently released Worldwide Referrals Feature and this initiative are an
important reminder that BNI is an innovative Member led organization that can
have an incredible impact across the globe.

Follow Graham’s Journey

Graham departed
BNI’s Global Headquarters on 3rd February en route to New York City.
He will be regularly sharing his global journey on social media throughout the

BNI’s Global
Support Team wishes him luck as he passes referrals, shares stories & meets
with BNI Leaders & Members across the globe.

Please track Graham’s journey by following his page. For more information on International Networking Week, please click here.

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